GlutaMax Whitening Capsule in Pakistan

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GlutaMax Whitening Capsule in Pakistan

Features by GlutaMax Whitening Capsule in Pakistan as given below:

This product has premium skin lightening essentials, formulate and test by a trust Dermatologist.
This products contain 500mg of Reduce L-Glutathione per capsule.
This Gluta Max products also lightens the skin tone evenly and naturally. Gluta Max is also considered as the most powerful, versatile and important anti-oxidant produced by the human body.
Its capsules also contain 75mg of vitamin C as Sodium Ascorbate which also helps in the skin lightening process.
It was develop by renown dermatologist Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal
It is strive to bring innovative nutraceutical products to market that deliver solutions for preventive health and aesthetic needs.
Gluta MAX products was develop by a well renowned dermatologist Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal after finding that no existing products were meeting her clients’ needs. After that the demand for her products quickly exceed her ability to make them, and Gluta MAX was born.

Get a Bright Skin With These Capsules

The Glutathione is already present in your body but over time this reduces leaving to more susceptible to illness and low immune system. A daily dose of Glutathione will not only help you regain strength inside but promote healthy skin on the outside.

These GlutaMax tablets were develop by renown dermatologist Dr.Isabel Lopez to meet her client’s demand. These capsules contain Glutathione that helps to lighten and brighten the skin up. It is the master anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals that cause skin damage. Moreover, it also lightens the skin tone evenly so get going and get these capsules right away!

Glutamax Whitening Supplement Benefits

Quantity: 30 capsules Has premium skin-lightening essentials Each capsule contains 500mg of Glutathione (helps to lighten the skin tone evenly) Also contains 75mg of Sodium Ascorbate which helps in the skin lightening process.
Detoxification Anti-Oxidant Immune Enhancer Natural radiant pink skin.
Get Rid of Acne, Freckles, and Black Spots.
Skin smooth.
Wrinkles and fade Pores smaller Grape Seed Extract, vitamin C and Bioflavonoid, It improves the effectiveness of the blood circulation system.
It helps the skin to look healthy and lively, as well as enhance the absorption of vitamin C and enhance the function of vitamin C.

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