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Green World I Power Soft Gel in Pakistan | Buy I Power Soft Gel Online

Green World I Power Soft Gel in Pakistan is constitute by natural ingredients with powerful anti-oxidation properties. It also rich in some vital minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins fundamental for the eye. I Power Gel is produce with high technology. It helps oxidation resistance of free radicals, protects eyes with many blood capillaries, prevent cataract. Improves eyesight declination, relieves tiredness, glaucoma, dry eyes of students and computer users.

Vitamin A is involve in the vision process and supports the eyes by changing from dark to bright as an integral substance of the purport. The vitamins C and E help to Protect the Eye from the harmful effects of the sunlight.

Why is Important I Power Soft Gel Capsule? | Eye Vision Plus

Our eyes are challenged every day. Working at the computer, watching television, and driving by night is very exhausting for the eyes. Dry air, little sleep, alcohol, and smoking also interfere with the metabolism of the eyes. Several factors influence eye health and maintenance of vision. Among these, a good supply of certain nutrients plays an important role.

Recommended Use | Green World I Power Gel Capsule Uses

For teenagers or adults who use eyes intensively and with eyestrain’s.
For those who need to prevent damage of retina by UV rays due to prolonged outdoor activities or work.
I power soft gel for middle-aged and elderly with impaired eyesight.
For adults: 2 capsules each time, once daily.
For teenagers: 1 capsule each time, once daily.

Characteristics And Benefits | Best Multivitamin For Eyes in Pakistan

Improves circulation of retina and improves eyesight.
Can eliminate the eye strain and enhance eye power.
It can prevent cataract and protect the denationalization of yellow spot appearing with the ages.
It is effective on renovating the cornea, it can prevent night blindness(nyctalopia).

Green World I-Power Capsule Ingredients

Blueberry Extract, Ginkgo Extract, Lutein, Riboflavin, Taurine, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin A, Zinc.

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