Shifa E Ajwa Paste in Pakistan

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Shifa E Ajwa Paste in Pakistan

Shifa E Ajwa Paste in Pakistan online Ajwa dates powder. Ajwa Khajoor buy health freedom from diabetes infertility heart. Sugar or diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are serious.

Diseases and everyone have these. Only one solution for these, Ajwa dates.

It’s a matter of balancing everything. healthy food choices are important for good health. And eating well means choosing a variety of nutrient-packed foods. We introduced Ajwa seed as nutrient-packed food.Its stops all these diseases.

Keeping in view the countless nutritional & medical benefits of Ajwa Date, Nigella Seeds & Saffron, and we have introduced a unique blend that is called Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste

Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste consists of Ajwa Date, powder of Ajwa date stone, honey, nigella seed & saffron like priceless blessings which increase its charismatic force many times.

Purpose of preparation of Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste

You don’t have to go out and worry about how the meals are made, Ajwa powder is a complete natural product and made for pure healthy purpose.

While “eat local” use that formula to decrease your diseases.

When the researchers looked at fatal heart events, they found no major difference in risk between the O and non-O blood groups

To save human being from chemical drugs and to provide them healing by the Order of Allah from goods seconded & stated by Holy Prophet (?) is our main goal.

contains more than hundred valuable nutrients. It contains about 21% Protein, 38% carbohydrates and 35% plant fats and oils. The contents are similar to evening primrose oil, but because of its complex composition, it is much stronger.

Some Important Medical Benefits of Shifa-E-Ajwa Paste

Strengthens special organs (heart, liver, brain) and very useful in cardiovascular diseases.
Provide new force to body by eliminating body & sexual problems.
Considerably increases virility.
Strengthens bones & teeth by eliminating lack of calcium.
Best remedy for all types of pain specially joints pain.
Helps lose obesity by eradicating extra fats.
Keeps the body strong, proportionate & attractive.
Protects from cancer.
Increases memory.
Eliminates cold season diseases.
Provides countless nutritional forces.
Sharpens eyesight.
Controls blood pressure.
Increases children growth & height.
Protects from skin diseases.
Eradicates causes of hair fall.

Shifa E Ajwa Paste (Method of Use)

Take one tablespoon with warm water half an hour before breakfast.
Diabetic patients take half teaspoon immediately after breakfast & dinner.
Use Shiafa-e-Ajwa Paste with full belief & confidence, it is remedial for countless of diseases and also protects from diseases. Pay Thanks to Allah after getting health INSHA ALLAH and remember us in your prayers.

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